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Certificate of Completion

Why our certification is important?

You can find several hundred video tutorials online, but none of them will grant you a valid certification.
Ask any certified professional “why” it is important to have a certification recognized by an educational school, and they’ll tell you that the certification process is one of the single most important steps you can make in career development.

Once you receive your BECG Workshop certification, you can also use our certification badge in your online portfolio page. This ensures to your clients, a third party certification of your 3D skills as an artist. You can link it with your certification code to further show your educational record with us.


With our Certification program you will have:

Commitment to the profession

Receiving your certification shows your peers, clients and, in turn, the general public your commitment to your chosen career and your ability to perform to set standards. Certification sets you apart as a leader in your field.

BECG Workshop Certification enhances the profession’s image

BECG Workshop certification programs seek to grow, promote, and develop certified professionals, who can stand “out in front” as examples of excellence in computer graphics.

Establishes professional credentials

Since it recognizes your individual accomplishments, a BECG Workshop certification stands above your resume, serving as an impartial, third party endorsement to your knowledge and experience. And when the public looks for individuals qualified to perform services, they seek individuals like you, who have achieved certification.

Improves career opportunities and advancement

BECG Workshop Certification gives you the “edge” when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. Certification clearly identifies you as an employee who can perform adapt to challenges in work and deliver quality results.

Greater earnings potential

As a BECG Workshop certified professional, you can expect many benefits. Being recognized by your work is as important as your learning credentials. A 3D artist will always be a unique individual and with our courses and your talent, a whole new universe of opportunities emerge.

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